Retail distributors, olives and pickles.

We produce, pack it and distribute for retail, the best selected olives and pickles in quality packaging that keep their nutritional properties.

The retail sale of olives and pickles is done in containers of all kinds.
Each retail seller chooses the one according to the needs of his customers.

The packaging of pickles and olives in doypack pouches is a saving which affects the final price.
Its quality remains unchanged.

Distribution of olives and pickles to retail in all kinds of packaging.

José Lou seeks flexibility in production and due to the diversity and use of all types of containers, we get to the final consumer through any retail sales establishment: supermarkets and hypermarkets, traditional stores, specialty stores or on line stores.

The gastronomy care starts with a good presentation. Olives and pickles José Lou are in traditional establishments and supermarkets in doypacks bags, glass bottles or jars, cans or carafes PET.