Manufacturers of quality olives and pickles

Strong and solemn as the olive trees roots, the story of Hijos de José Lou is the history of a family tradition completely dedicated to the manufacturing and canning olives.

Its origin dates back to the thirties, when the entrepreneur José Lou Royo, father and grandfather of the actual owners, started a small business of olives in Zaragoza. Later on, he built warehouse for processing black olive.

Following the renewal driven on the eighties in the manufacturing process and continuous technological innovation, Hijos de José Lou was consolidated in the packaging, sale and distribution of olives and pickles.

Today, from its facilities in the industrial area of ​​Malpica, in Zaragoza, José Lou products are subject to careful preparation and canning process for the enjoyment of the lovers of the Mediterranean diet.

Although Aragonese olives are still the heart of the company, currently, other varieties of olives and a wide range of pickles, complete the product assortment of José Lou, opening new markets with the creation of tasty proposals in the form of olive pateand olive jam.

Today, the brand José Lou crosses borders exporting to countries like France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Moldova, Canada, USA, China or Japan.

The work of Hijos de José Lou is filled with the efforts of the three generations who have transmitted and pick up the family legacy, working with enthusiasm to the challenges it faces, to meet the tastes of the new markets and remain different as always.